2019 Homeowner Billing Charges

Propane $5.00 per gallon
Gasoline $6.00 per gallon

Sylvan Spirit Charter $595 per hour
Deadhead Rate $595 per hour
Standby Rate $298 per hour
DNW Homeowner Charter Rate $400 per hour, 2.5 hour minimum
Freight on Sylvan Spirit Contact Skip

Homeowner Service Charge $35 per 15 minutes
Water Shutoff/Drained $35
Chimney Cleaning $45 minimum
House Cleaning Contact Ti
Window Washing Contact Office
Garden Box Contact Office
Firewood Contact Office

Disposal Fees *:
Major Appliances $50 each
Sofa $35 each
Mattress $25 each piece
Tires $18 each
BBQ $35 each

Move Kayaks $35
Boat Motor Flush with Salt Away $50

* Construction waste and carpeting must be removed from the island by Contractor