Decatur Northwest Construction Policies

The purpose of these policies is to provide clear guidance to harmonize the relationship of individual home construction with community interests. While timely and economical home construction is important, protection of the community from the potential negative effects of the construction is crucial.

The key guideline is that the siteowner is ultimately responsible for the construction activity on their site. As such, the owner is to make certain the contractors working on the site abide by these policies and any other rules or courtesies that apply. Progress checks by the owner should include a review of the conformance of the construction policies. When the siteowner acts as general contractor, the policy is that during the construction, the siteowner is to abide by the rules of the contractor. This will eliminate the potential for confusion which usually arises around the use of community vehicles, facilities, and tools.

Construction waste materials are plentiful and extremely difficult to deal with on an island which has no waste treatment facilities. We require the contractor/owner to have a dumpster delivered to Decatur Island for the sole purpose of disposal of construction waste. Dumpsters may be placed inconspicuously on the Thatcher sites only. Contact the general manager for dumpster placement for other building sites.

Before construction commences, there is to be an on-site review with the owner, contractor, general manager, and member of the design review committee. This review is to include;

  • Staging area for materials
  • Utility location for the fire standpipe, septic tank, water and sewer lines
  • Disposal of excavation material removed from the site
  • Vehicle moorage and storage while at Decatur and use of Skyline parking lot

  • Utilities are to be installed per Northwest Engineering specs available from the general manager.

    The following are the rules and policies applicable to all contractors, subcontractors, and siteowners acting as their own general contractor.

    Contractors are to provide all of their own equipment and vehicles needed for the job. They are not to use the community tools, vehicles, or facilities except for the community shower and restroom.

    Contractors are to provide their own transportation to and on the island. Motorcycles and sport ATVs are not allowed. Only one crew boat per construction project is allowed on the dock from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Use buoys for overnight moorage.

    All construction waste is to be removed from the island with the exception of untreated/unpainted lumber which may be burned in the community burn pit. No on-site burning is allowed.

    Fire standpipes will be installed by Decatur Northwest and be operable prior to construction. This fee will be billed to the owner’s account.

    Water meters are to be installed at the street valve on all new buildings.

    Contractors are NOT to make utility connections to the community water or septic systems.

    Septic tanks and effluent pumping stations that connect to the community system are to be inspected and approved by the manager. Such approval is for the protection of the community system and is not a service for the benefit of the owner of the tank and pump station. The manager’s inspection does not reduce the responsibility of the installer or owner.

    Contractors are not to bring animals to Decatur Northwest.

    No hunting is allowed on Decatur N.W. property.

    No smoking is allowed on community property. A spot will be provided at the top of the dock with a cigarette butt can as the only place on community property where smoking is allowed. Contractors need to check with homeowners as to whether or not they may smoke on the job site. They may also smoke inside their own vehicles.

    At all times the building site is to be kept as clear of debris as is reasonable. Upon completion of construction, the contractor will restore roads, driveways, drainage, and surrounding areas to a condition approved by the manager.

    Contractors will be allowed to work Monday through Friday only, from 7 A.M. until 6 P.M.and on no major holidays including the day after Thanksgiving. This is strictly enforced! See manager for holiday restrictions.

    Contractors and owners will sign, date, and submit a copy of these rules to the general manager prior to construction.

    Click here to open a PDF of these rules to print and sign