Pet Policies

Guest Pet Policy

Guests, including prospective owners, are not allowed to bring any pets to Decatur Northwest with the exception of service or seeing eye dogs.

Decatur Northwest Dog Policy

Only Decatur Northwest Homeowners and their children are allowed to bring dogs to Decatur Northwest. A $100.00 per day fine will be charged to the Homeowner each time their guest brings a dog to Decatur Northwest in violation of our community's policy. ($125.00 when staff intervention is required.)

When outside on Decatur Northwest property, dogs are to be under voice control or leashed at all times. Dogs are to be leashed or in a pet carrier when in transit. This starts when the dog steps onto the dock for departure until it leaves the luggage staging area at either Sylvan Cove or the Skyline Marina parking lot.

Owners of dogs that are running free and not under voice control will be asked to keep their dogs on a leash or in a crate or pen at all times while on Decatur Northwest property. Non-DNW Decatur Island dogs must be leashed at all times on DNW property.

Dog owners must properly dispose of any dog waste that is either on the beach, community property lawns, community gardens, paths or roads. This includes areas immediately adjacent to road surfaces. Dog waste should be double-bagged if put directly into the garbage cans or bins at the community center.

Decatur Northwest Sylvan Spirit Dog Policy

Dogs are always welcome with their owner and on leash in the following areas of the Sylvan Spirit (subject to safety concerns of the crew):

  • The lower back deck
  • The upper deck
  • The bow deck

  • A dog will be allowed to walk through the cabin area to reach the bow deck but should be on a short leash, led by their owner and under control.

    Dogs are also welcome inside the main cabin from the Thursday following Labor Day until the Tuesday before Memorial Day under the following guidelines:

  • Dogs must be on leash, accompanied by their owner and under control.
  • Dogs must be on the floor and outside the gangway markings in the cabin or on their owner’s lap.
  • Dog owners will be expected to follow crew directives.

  • Service dogs belonging to homeowners or guests may be in the Sylvan Spirit cabin at all times.

    Sylvan Spirit Dog Policy Approved: 07-06-2013 - Decatur Northwest Board of Directors