Decatur Northwest Rental & Unaccompanied Guest Policy

Decatur Northwest is a unique community where homeowners enjoy a special quality of life that is based on respect for the environment and consideration of the needs of others. The homeowners also commonly own, maintain, and pay for many assets including boats, vehicles, grounds, community gardens, hot tub, tennis courts, beaches, docks, moorage buoys, and many others. Use of community resources is integral to the DNW experience. Sustaining this unique experience requires that homeowners collectively agree to certain guidelines and expectations which include: loading / unloading Sylvan Spirit, off property vehicle use, catch-n-release lake fishing, vehicle speed, dock and moorage guidelines, dog control, use of personal property belonging to others, and other expectations whether written or not.

This policy recognizes that guests or renters are using assets paid for by all homeowners. Someone unfamiliar with DNW, whether they are a guest or a renter, can potentially have an adverse impact on the community, its staff or its assets. These rules are intended to mitigate their impact. Renters include people who have purchased their stay, whether through an auction or direct rental from the homeowner, unless they are accompanied throughout their stay by the homeowner. Unaccompanied guests are those who come to DNW without a homeowner being present during all or part of their stay.

Homeowners are responsible for their unaccompanied guests, whether they are paying or not, and for their impact on the community.

All homeowners who rent their homes should abide by the county's zoning and permitting laws.

Notice to the Caretaker

The homeowner is responsible for making sure the following information is provided to the Caretaker in writing 24 hours in advance of an unaccompanied guest or renter arrival:

  • The arrival and departure dates and times of the party;
  • The number of guests;
  • That they have been provided with and agree to the Guest Guidelines;
  • A contact name and phone number for the party.

  • Guest Orientation Fee

    Homeowners are required to brief their guests and renters on rules and expectations surrounding their visit prior to their arrival.

    All first time renters and first time unaccompanied guests be provided an orientation upon arrival at DNW to help them find their way around and to assure they are familiar with community rules and resources. The homeowner will be charged $20 for this service.


    The homeowner shall protect DNW by maintaining insurance as further described below.

  • All homeowners shall provide Liability Coverage that covers guests, and renter liability if appropriate, with limits of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence. (Some homeowner insurance does not cover rental liability. If you rent your home make sure your policy does not exclude coverage for rentals.)
  • Rental homeowners must assure that Decatur Northwest is named on the policy as an Additional Insured, thus providing primary coverage, and notice in the event the policy is cancelled.
  • Rental homeowners must, before renting their home for the first time, provide a certificate of insurance to the DNW General Manager and the DNW insurance broker that shows the required limits and that DNW has been added to the policy.

    Paragraphs 2 and 3 above do not apply to homeowners who accompany their auction guests throughout the guest's stay at DNW.

    Extra Charges

    Time associated with renter or guest requests of caretakers that are "outside" of the normal and expected (as determined by the caretakers or manager on a case-by-case basis) will be charged to the homeowner at a rate of $150 per hour. Caretaker communication to renters or unaccompanied guests resulting from complaints by other homeowners may also result in the same charge to the responsible homeowner.

    Decatur Northwest Board of Directors, 10.26.11