Water Pipe Draining Instructions

Pipes should be drained any time your home is unoccupied duing cold weather season.

Draining Instructions:

1. Power off your gas or electric water heater (electrical breaker, gas valve or vacation mode).

2. Shut off the main water valve.

3. Open system drains.

4. Open all faucets and outside hosebibs and disconnect hoses (freeze-proof hosebibs don't function correctly if the hose is still connected).

5. Lift shower diverter in tub/shower to drain showerhead. If you have a flexible wand type showerhead remove from cradle and allow it to drain.

6. Flush toilets, holding handle down until all water drains from tank.

7. Check to see that water stops flowing from house drains. If it continues to run, let the office know so that we can see that the main valve is shutting down completely.

8. If you use antifreeze in your drains and toilets (unheated cabin), make sure it is "RV" type propylene glycol rather than ethylene glycol (car engine type).