Composting Instructions

We will fill one side of the two bin system with the following:

  • All vegetable kitchen waste
  • All garden waste including weeds and small wood material - grass has to be mixed in carefully to avoid layering
  • Horse or sheep manure, chicken manure, etc.
  • Things we can't process:

  • Plastic items (i.e., bags, plant tags, bottles, etc.)
  • Dog or cat waste
  • Paper Product – newspapers, napkins, paper plates, coffee filters, etc.
  • Meat (of any kind) and Bones
  • Crab Parts
  • Green “Biodegradable” bags
  • Wood items

  • The system has an air fan that brings air into a chamber below the floor and forces it up through the compost pile. After the bin is completely full, it will be covered and the fan will begin to operate between 30 seconds and 2 minutes every half hour and “cooks” the pile to about 130 to 150 degrees. This will kill all weed seeds and reduce the pile to about 2/3 of its original size. We plan to cook one side of the 2 bins while we fill the other.

    There is no need to turn the material. The process from waste to compost takes about 30 days. Since this is like a compost “machine”, we ask you not to mess with the fan or the shut off valves at the back of the bins. Thanks, and feel free to help yourself to compost when it is cooked and emptied near the bins.