Emergency Information

For Emergency Help

1. Call Ti at 360-375-6450 – leave a quick message if she doesn’t answer!

2. Call 911 from a landline or 360-378-4141 from a cell phone. Tell them you are on Decatur Island, at Decatur Northwest.

AED Location

In the phone booth next to the hot tub and in the bathroom in the picnic shelter at the upper garden.
This device should be used within a few minutes of sudden cardiac arrest

Fire Equipment Locations

  • Fire Standpipe and Hose outside of each home
  • Firetruck - parked near the vehicle shed
  • Foam Truck - parked near the vehicle shed
  • Fire Extinguisher Locations

  • Firetruck
  • Foam Truck
  • Shop
  • Wall by Laundry
  • Dock
  • Boat House
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Golf Cart Shed
  • Big House
  • Barn
  • Airlift Northwest


    Give a Dispatch Location in Degrees/Minutes:

    Lower Tennis Court Lawn 48*30.66 N 122*49.99 W

    (48 degrees 30.66 minutes North, 122 degrees 49.99 minutes West)

    Upper Tennis Court Field 48*31.12 N 122*49.69 W

    (48 degrees 31.12 minutes North, 122 degrees 49.69 minutes West)

    Barn Field 48*30.50 N 122*49.62 W

    (48 degrees 30.50 minutes North, 122 degrees 49.62 minutes West)

    Daylight – use smoke flare (located at Tennis Courts, Barn and in the Library) when you see/hear helicopter.

    Nighttime – keep lights off as they interfere with the helicopter's infrared equipment