Your Visit to Decatur Northwest

Anacortes to Decatur

If you are a guest, place a guest parking pass or slip of paper with your host’s name on the dashboard of your car. Load belongings on the boat 15 minutes prior to scheduled sailing. Use the dock carts that are located at the DNW parking lot and return the cart to the lot. Anyone bringing large items like kayaks or bikes should note this in the comments section of the boat reservation to ensure adequate space is available.

Arrival at Decatur Northwest

All passengers help with unloading the boat and carrying belongings to the rock wall at the top of the dock for sorting. Do not sort on the boat or dock. Check the list in the boat house at the top of the dock (or ask the caretaker) for vehicle assignments. Vehicles are intended to be used to transport belongings to home sites and are NOT to be used for sightseeing or going to the store. Return vehicles to the community center garage within 30 minutes. Only licensed drivers may operate the DNW vehicles. Do not allow children to drive the golf carts or allow passengers to ride in the luggage box.

Decatur to Anacortes

Please have baggage at the dock 30 minutes prior to boat departure. If you wish to use a community vehicle or golf cart sign it out on the whiteboard by the community bathroom and laundry room in the garage. Unless other arrangements are made there is a thirty-minute limit for use. Passengers should be at the dock 15 minutes prior to departure for boat loading. No one is allowed on the dock when the boat is docking. Caretakers will indicate when some personnel are allowed on the dock and select certain passengers to assist in loading. The caretakers will indicate when passengers may embark the boat.

Arrival at Anacortes

All passengers help with unloading the boat and carrying belongings to the DNW parking lot for sorting. DO NOT sort on the boat or dock. Please DO NOT leave the boat empty-handed. Dock carts are to be used for the heaviest items with lighter items carried by those not pushing carts. The carts may be left in the DNW lot unless you are instructed otherwise.

Guests May NOT Bring Pets to Decatur Northwest

There are no exceptions to this rule.

Smoking is not allowed on community property

This rule is enforced as part of our fire prevention measures.


Garbage collection bins, recycling bins and a compost bin are located behind the community center.Recycling Instructions
Composting Instructions


The dock is reserved for homeowner’s use at all times except for loading/unloading. Guests may use mooring buoys but may be asked to anchor out if bouys are needed for homeowner’s boats. Guests, please check in with the office giving your name, boat name and DNW homeowner name.


For a $20.00 service fee, the caretaker will take you to your destination and orient you to the different amenities that DNW has to offer. Please request this when making your boat reservation.